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We bring expertise on both fronts :

While living & breathing the Real Estate industry for over a decade, we realized the opportunity to mitigate the big supply-demand gap in residential real estate market. Gobrick  is India’s 1st B2B Real Estate as a Service Enterprise (REaaS) which offers superior knowledge-based services to all stakeholders on a fee-based model. It’s coming together of best of minds of Indian Real Estate industry with a cross functional expertise and who have a strong lineage of creating category defining & award-winning work with prestigious real estate brands.
We are NOT a consulting firm. We are NOT an agency. We are NOT a channel partner. We are a team who can cover the widest spectrum in real estate, with an understanding of everything from architecture to marketing to construction to cashflow management. And we believe Real Estate as a Service (REaaS) is the future.

Your Team



Founder and Director | Phone:+1 (508) 310-8790 || 080 40915591

Gajalakshmi  is the founder and Director NRI Sales of Gobrick Consulting. The company was started in 1994 in Boston  and later expanded to India in 2015 with one goal in mind - to deliver a superior client experience. Gajalakshmi focused on consistent performance and client satisfaction which remain the cornerstone of the company's philosophy. With a Masters in Business Management from Bangalore University, Gaja brought a technical understanding of Real Estate Sales that allowed her to excel in her career as a Broker. Gaja is able to see larger, global trends that exist in today's complex world economy which results in accurate predictions and advice for his clients.

Gaja has a true passion for real estate and home ownership. She has helped over 5,000 families with their real estate needs and has crossed over One Billion dollars in sales due to her creative marketing and ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Gaja believes in the product she sells and she has lived, invested and enjoyed the cities of Natick Boston & Bangalore.

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